TRADE NAME Osaki Industry Co.,Ltd.
HEADQUARTERS ADDRESS 89 Kami, Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka 593-8311
TEL 81-72-273-1261 (General Affairs Department)
FAX 81-72-274-6980 (General Affairs Department)
Representative President Representative Director Masayuki Yagishita
ESTABLISHMENT February 1, 1961
CAPITAL 200 million yen



CHEMICALS BUSINESS We develop and manufacture various chemicals ranging from inorganic to organic products, based on the technology we have cultivated through our experience in manufacturing since the establishment of the company in 1961. We utilize the plentiful experience we have accumulated during this period to perform the commissioned production of inorganic and organic chemicals.
TRAFIC SAFETY BUSINESS Ever since our development of “LINEPHALT®” as Japan's first road marking paint, we have continued to manufacture a wide variety of road marking paints. Our "STEP-GUIDE" markings to guide the visually impaired have also been highly rated in the sector of the environment and welfare.



Feb. 1961 Established by separating Hiroshima Works of Sakai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. (Capital 30 million yen)
Apr. 1961 Started production of barium sulfate, almina white and "LINEPHALT®"
Mar. 1967 Completed Otori Works to produce "LINEPHALT®"
Jan. 1973 Started production of Co system and Mn system catalysts
Nov. 1973 Certified as JIS plant (Otori Works)
Apr. 1980 Started production of organophosphorus compounds
Sep. 1981 Started production of precious metal powder and their pastes
Jul. 1982 Opened Tokyo Sales Office to expand traffic safety materials
Mar. 1986 Acquired whole stocks of Hakko Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 1991 Received high evaluation from Minister of Construction for our well-visually recognized Lane Marking in rain or night
Apr. 1992 Moved headquarters to Sakai, Osaka
Dec. 1993 Started sale of STEP-GUIDE® MJ Braille (Melting type)
Nov. 1995 Started sale of STEP-GUIDE® Braille Sheet (Pasting type)
Sep. 1997 Increased production capacity of Co system and Mn system catalyst
Dec. 1997 Expanded production facility of organic chemicals
Sep. 1999 Increased production capacity of fine particle metal powders
Mar. 2004 Expanded production facility of organic chemicals (2nd Expansion)
Mar. 2004 Certified as ISO9001 plant
Aug. 2004 Started production of nickel acetate
Jan. 2006 Expanded production facility of "LINEPHALT®"
Apr. 2016 Merged Hakko Chemical and organized as Hofu Works
May. 2019 Completed new Engineering & Office Building at Hofu Works
July. 2020 Completed new Engineering & Development Center at Hiroshima Works