Osaki Industry was established in February 1961 when the Hiroshima plant of Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was split off as an independent entity.

In the more than fifty years since, the company has developed and grown with the two key business areas of chemicals business and traffic safety business.

The foundation for our chemicals business is the wealth of technology and experience that we have accumulated in the manufacturing of inorganic chemicals since the early days of the company. Based on the experiences through production by commissioning of inorganic and organic chemicals, we have promoted the development, manufacturing and sales of fine chemical products and responded to the requirements of society.

In our other area of business, the traffic safety business has contributed to traffic safety and comfortable social life with the development of "LINEPHALT®" for the road marking sector. This was the first melting type traffic paint in Japan. Furthermore, with the development of the "STEP-GUIDE" braille sheet to guide the visually impaired, the business has also supported the creation of towns where every person can feel at ease when walking around.

We will continue to actively promote our growth and deeper specialization in both of these business areas from now onwards in order to be able to respond to the increasingly diverse requirements of society. We will aim for the creation of friendly towns that everyone can feel reassured living in and will continue our efforts to contribute to society.

Masayuki Yagishita

President Representative DirectorMasayuki Yagishita

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2018.04.01 We have opened an English language site.
2016.04.01 100% owned subsidiary Hakko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was merged.