Osakikamijima is an island in Hiroshima Prefecture that is located within the Setonaikai National Park. We have continued the manufacturing of inorganic and organic chemical products here for 50 years or more, without harming the scenic environment of the area. The efforts of the company to be gentle on the environment have been cultivated in this area where we were established. We will continue these efforts and hope to remain a chemical company that can be of service to you all.

Production Items

Inorganic Chemicals
Our accumulated technologies and multipurpose facilities enable us to supply a variety of products, in particular nitrate, acetate and sulfate compounds and solution, to meet all the needs of the age.
We have produced pigments since our founding in our production division and their unique characteristics have kept responding to expanding demand in the field of paints.
In 1973, we first began producing cobalt bromide. Thereafter, various catalysts have been produced and supplied to meet customers' requirements.
Organic Phosphorus Chemicals
About 30 grades are produced to meet customers' requirements, and are used in a wide variety of fields and have many applications.
Organic Fine Chemical Products
The technology to produce organic phosphorous chemicals has developed and oil-soluble organic metal compounds have been produced. We have a long history of processing organic crystals.
Metallic Powders
Metallic fine powders produced by the wet synthesis method are characterized as having sharp distribution and true sphere. Moreover, the company is responding to growing demands in the field of electronic materials which require diameter/sharp control and surface treatment technology.


Production by commissioning

We utilize the manufacturing technology for inorganic and organic chemicals that we have accumulated through many years of experience to respond to requests for commissioned production that ranges from trial production to full-scale manufacturing. For organic synthesis in particular, we have 12 reaction facility systems and make every possible effort for the environment, such as with due consideration for the disposal of waste solvent and wastewater.


Starting with our development of "LINEPHALT®" as Japan's first traffic paint, we have continued to develop products that respond to the requirements of society. These products include road marking paint for draining pavement, high brightness road marking paint and the "STEP-GUIDE" markings to guide the visually impaired. We will continue to aim for urban planning that is kind to the natural world and to people as we strive to fulfill the mission we have been given in the sectors of traffic safety and the environment and welfare.



    We developed Japan’s first traffic paint named "LINEPHALT®".

    Later, we developed paints for pavement road markings that easily dissipates water, paint for road markings that has high brightness, road markings with grip, and colored pavement materials as part of our commitment to traffic safety.



    "STEP-GUIDE" is our braille boundary sheet marker for the visually impaired that has earned a strong reputation from the environmental welfare segment.

    We offer a variety of products in this segment under the motto of supporting urban development with walker-friendly spaces for everyone.